How to fix Norton Antivirus Error on Windows 10?

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How to fix Norton Antivirus Error on Windows 10

Fix Norton Antivirus Error on Windows 10 – Norton is the most popular and well-known Norton brand. There are different types of Norton products available in the market depending on the requirements and needs of the users.

Once the Norton product is installed on a device, the users become worry-free. Although Norton Antivirus is fully compatible with Windows 10, overtime problems tend to arise. It is now up to users to report issues to the Norton Antivirus technical support team or to resolve them themselves.

fix Norton Antivirus

This blog is about how to fix the Norton Antivirus error in Windows 10. Various problems that users face and their solutions are listed for the convenience of users so that they can try them once to fix the problem.

Cannot find Norton after Windows 10 upgrade –

1) First, go to Norton official website and download Norton Repair Tool
2) then right-click on the exe.file and select run as administrator
3) A prompt will appear, press next and follow the instructions

Norton will not launch after Windows 10 update –

1) First, download the Norton Remove and reinstall tool
2) Then double click on the tools icon and accept the license terms
3) After that remove and reinstall, then continue
4) Now select restart now to complete the uninstallation process

Norton in conflict with another security program –

This problem is general and occurs when other security software is already installed on the device. This resolves the conflicts between the two, so you need to uninstall it from the control panel.

Error 8505, 129 – This error occurs on Windows 10 indicating that the network proxy settings need to be checked.

1) Type internet options in the search bar and click enter
2) Go to the link tab and select LAN settings
3) Make sure none of the proxy server boxes are selected
4) Press ok then Apply

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