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Frequently Asked Questions

The latest version of Norton for Windows is version number This patch version also applies to legacy Norton security software products, as follows: Norton Security Norton 360, Norton Internet Security, Norton Antivirus, Norton Security Online. The latest version of Norton for Mac is version number 8.5.4 Build 6
Norton has been around for years providing cyber protection for devices like computers, smartphones and tablets. The subscriber base of Norton is worldwide. LifeLock has also been around for years providing identity theft protection in United States. In the year 2017, Symantec (a parent company of Norton at that time) completed the acquisition of the LifeLock company.A couple of years later, in the year 2019, Symantec went apart from Norton to join Broadcom Inc. At the same time, Norton and LifeLock became one company: NortonLifeLock Inc.
In most regions, personal live support from Norton LifeLock is available in two ways: Chat, Phone These support services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. To contact Norton live support, start by visiting the main Norton Support web page.